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Household products have a shelf life of the timely replacement of protected health


Household products is not only the warranty period, the same shelf life, more than the normal period of use, not only a burden to the household products, it will affect human health. Shelf life of a variety of home, regular maintenance, replacement, not only to extend the home life of the product, the better to ensure good health and home environment.

Floor: 10 years

Use, often on the floor wearing soft-soled shoes, regular waxing and make the floor late well maintained, the floor does not affect the status of daily use can be maintained for more than 10 years. Floor a variety of auxiliary products such as the life of the baseboard, the buckle is also about 10 years.

Mattress 5 - 7 years

The average mattress life of 5-10 years. But the human health point of view, mattresses useful life should not be too long, because the long time support of the mattress to use the power drops, easily deformed, and a lot of damage on the human spine;, mattresses use the longer, the cumulative stains, dust and allergenic substances damage to the skin. 5-7 years after the use of the mattress, whether intact, should be replaced.

Bathroom: 3-5 years

Faucet, valve body and spool and other metal products, the possibility of damage in everyday use, especially for surface plating layer thicker faucets and accessories, the quality can remain stable over 5 years.

Good quality ceramic, higher density, glazed smooth, even 3-5 years, but also to maintain a clean as new state does not require frequent cleaning. Acrylic bathtub wear-resistant surface is easy to aging, tend to change color after 3-5 years, yellowing.

Sheet metal, paint 5-8 years

Decoration plate shelf life of 8 years, or more than the shelf life of cracks, glue and so on. Coatings, shelf life is 5-8 years past their expiry date, it will appear dull in color, yellowing phenomenon will directly affect the coatings play a decorative role.

Pillows: 2 years

The shelf life of the pillow is for two years, if you use very frequently, it is recommended that a change year. After long-term accumulation of the oil on the hair and scalp will penetrate into the pillow fiber and pillow, which breed bacteria, can trigger allergies and respiratory diseases.

If the pillow has lost elasticity, uneven phenomenon, or has obvious odor, mildew, indicating that the pillow of the change.

Toilet: six months

The toilet is the biggest source of pollution in the bathroom. After each use, timely rinsing with clean water, and then hung up to drain the water, you can also spray some disinfectant (for example 84 disinfectant) above, and finally dry place. Easier to brush off the filth, in general, the use of about half a year, should be the replacement of the toilet.

■ how the shelf life

Floor: the floor kept dry to avoid subjected to direct sunlight, rain, aging and cracking. Ventilation and keep the indoor temperature to help extend the life of the floor.

Mattress: the first year of buying a new mattress, the pros and cons of every 2-3 months, or so the head and feet, flipping once, and then approximately every six months, flip once.

Artificial stone countertops: in a timely manner to wipe off dirt with a damp cloth, then dry cloth to dry the table to prevent stains penetrate into the table, pay attention to moisture and regular polishing and waxing.

Acrylic bathtub: usually a week cleaning a bathtub to ensure that the bathtub after each use to keep dry.

Sheet metal, paint: the use of green plants, humidifiers, and other adjust the indoor humidity, reasonable windows open for ventilation, so that the moisture content remained stable.

Hardware: cleaning the bathroom should be dry in time, hinges and slide lubricant on a regular basis to ensure the opening and closing smooth.

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