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The doors of purchase to pay attention to the Four Mistakes

Doors on the market products that are solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors, and paint the door, wooden doors, the price difference. As the doors can only see the surface, the consumers can not judge the quality of the face of the introduction of the salesman, only saying that "touched Yue Mun Road, Habitat Guilin summarizes the four errors of the consumer when purchasing wooden doors.

Myth: solid wood doors must use all solid wood manufacturing

Many consumers believe that the only all solid wood go, in fact, all solid wood doors from the inside to the outside, all solid wood, or core material produced by the multilayer. The structure of the main door frame tenon connection, mosaic door core.

Myth: low-grade paint the door is so special about

Part of the sales staff exaggerated, claiming that paint the door a good surface finish, easy cleaning, moisture, fire performance is better than the ordinary wooden doors, paint the door is considered to be high-end products. In fact, high-grade paint the door selection of piano lacquer and metal (automotive) paint, craft complex, long processing cycle, the prices are high.

Myth: The price of the entire wooden doors consists of three parts

Many consumers see the price tag, thought it was the price of the set of doors. Actually part of the price of high-grade wooden doors, including three parts: price of doors, door frames price and the wood line price. The doors are denominated according to square meters; door frame including front and back sides to the circumference; wood line is wrapped around the door frame and wall combination of part, by the meter pricing. In addition, all solid wood doors and solid wood composite door prices do not include hardware locks. Usually the sale of composite solid wood door consists of three parts prices, consumers simply locks the price can be the original price plus.

Myth: door openings are not to judge the quality of the core material

Wooden doors on the market of the manufacturing process, in order to make locks more firmly installed, will enhance the strength of the locks stay in the hole region is mostly lined with laminated practice. Therefore, to stay through the locks hole site to examine the wooden doors of the core material and not a true reflection of the quality of the core material of the wooden products.

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