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Backdrop decoration knowledge Daquan

Backdrop of its innovative ideas, advanced technology, not only to meet the needs of consumers decoration, but also reflects the artistic temperament. The perfect combination for business and art especially in the backdrop mural series based products.

Backdrop of the use of color

Soft romantic tone: the center color of soft pink. The carpet, lampshades, curtains and white tone with red furniture, white room partial dotted light blue waves warm atmosphere.

Elegant and graceful tone: center color of rose and mauve carpet with a light rose, sofa, carpet thick some of the rosy curtains optional lilac printing, shade and light poles rose or purple, put some green cushions and potted plants dotted the walls and furniture with gray, elegant and beautiful effect.

The elegant and beautiful tone: center color is pink. Sofa shade of pink, curtains, cushions, pink calico, floor light brown, wall milk white tones for ** and girls.

Hua Liqing new colors: center color is wine red, blue and gold, sofa burgundy carpet for the dark red soil, the walls with bright beige, local embellishment golden, gilded wall lamps, plus some blue as an adjunct Serve Huali Qing style.

Light and exquisite colors: center color is yellow, and orange. The orange carpet, curtains, bedspreads, yellow and white calico, sofa, ceiling gray, add some green plants off and chic atmosphere.

Backdrop of style

Environmental theme: green, material selection, layout design, and small decoration and embellishment are highlighted green, healthy, natural, around the house design into an ecosystem can breathe, so that people at home will be able to experience to join the profound feeling of nature.

The warmth Subject: Warm decoration selected color, detail, focus on creating a relaxed, harmonious atmosphere, so that people can enjoy living like sunshine and warmth of feeling.

The simple theme: black and white and in the middle of both color-based selection of tone, advocating simple design, so that the housing is smooth, wide. With fewer but better with the color of furniture to choose better reflect the homeowner's pursuit of fashion, in particular, highlight the living room.

The retro theme: Chinese traditional style, tone, and in detail through the careful transformation of the designer, making the overall effect implies more changes to the traditional style no longer appear dull, reflected in a nostalgic homeowners distinctive culture of cultivation and taste. To set off to create the atmosphere of the traditional characteristics of the choice of furniture and traditional culture.

Audio-visual topics: movies and music as the theme, in line with the homeowners to enjoy the pursuit of audio-visual requirements, highlight the living room of audio-visual features in the decoration on the use of acoustics, to absorb noise, emphasizing the pure sound. Particularly prominent TV theme of the wall can be decorated in various styles according to the homeowner's personality and hobbies. This topic is to achieve the perfect combination of auditory and visual.

Art theme: the use of calligraphy, painting, sculpture and modern art means to the interior decoration design, the wall to use bright colors, with lively color tiles, lamps and curtains, furniture, etc. to form a relaxed artistic atmosphere. Wall can be decorated with some of the paintings, handicrafts and other embellishment on the formation of a rich artistic. This theme to emphasize that the details section, such as the porch, the corner of the wall decoration.

Exotic topics: absorption of a national home improvement ideas, home improvement style mastery applied to the Chinese home improvement design to create a home environment filled with exotic. Wall changes in the metamorphosis of a variety of exotic situation. Highlight the masters of personality style.

Other topics: more thematic series, waiting for your eye found in the current popular e theme of the times, the theme of the game!

Backdrop with trends

Space Series: Final Fantasy Symphony relief, three-dimensional spiral as the next maze send roaming vast Xinghai, a stroll in the dream space. Magic space backdrop and wings for your future!

Antique Series: graphics and point of view constitute a totem mark of the four major ancient civilization, cultural heritage is the cornerstone of thinking, the legend of the East and West represents a different dream. Magic space backdrop, keeping their roots for you!

Fashion series: the most popular is the most classic, with an international taste to lead the trend, Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, Chinese style, different styles include them, the magic space backdrop, the popular trend of hanging on your wall!

Series of Mensa: Mensa, from the Latin "Round Table" means, texture puzzle genius blend of Mensa IQ symbol represents the creativity, knowledge, graphics, numbers, quiz, puzzle, computing, puzzles, maze different Mensa test, magic space backdrop allows you to enjoy anytime, anywhere "intellectual surfing!

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