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Experts advise: not anxious to stay the winter home improvements

Today, more and more families to abandon the old concept of "winter should not be ground-breaking" winter home improvements, home improvement professionals recommend: long and hard decoration finally completed, but also pay attention to moisture ventilation, do do not rush to stay.

Decorated indoor moisture levels of ventilation due to the winter construction than other seasons will be some residual indoor harmful gas, the phenomenon of excessive, such as radon, the excessive levels of formaldehyde and BTEX, renovation work was completed in each room is placed in water, increase the indoor humidity to prevent drying too fast cracks in walls, top, furniture, etc.. Often windows open for ventilation, ventilation for housing, help disperse the formaldehyde and other harmful substances. Of course, the best solution after the completion of the professional supervision of the company home improvement quality identification and air quality testing, such models to the construction unit settlement project in order to clearly and simply.

Home improvement winter moisture ventilation, also can not fully achieve the purpose of the removal of harmful gases. Winter outdoor temperature is low, use in the decoration of the windows open for ventilation will make latex paint deterioration, poor adhesion, even chalking. After the renovation of the paint did not dry wall is likely to be cold, easy to change the wall in the spring. Ventilation is necessary, but latex paint is below 5 ℃ will degenerate, so the windows open for ventilation preferably in a warm afternoon, each ventilation will not take too long to prevent the wall of the sill near the cold color.

In addition, the volatilization of formaldehyde and other pollutants and temperature have a great relationship, when the indoor temperature is below 20 ° C, the windows open for ventilation to remove the effect of the decoration pollution began to be greatly reduced; when the indoor temperature is below 10 ° C, almost all home improvement pollutants accumulate in the room no longer radiate away; all day open window ventilation, removal of contaminants is minimal. It is because of the low temperature, winter decoration out of the volatile harmful substances, even if the material is not enough green, pungent odor is less obvious, a lot of people tend to ignore the decoration pollution a. After the arrival of indoor heating, air conditioning, an open, "freezing" of toxic gases will be released slowly, do great harm to the human body.

Home improvement professionals also suggests, is in the heating season, so the air is dry, high temperature, poor indoor ventilation, formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances in the big core board, laminate flooring and other home improvement materials volatile volume, likely to cause the concentration of harmful substances exceeded. Should be invited to the professional qualifications of the indoor air testing departments to conduct air testing. If you fail, immediately asked the professionals to identify the sources of harmful substances in addition to the hidden.

In short, the winter home improvement is necessary to fully consider the relationship between temperature and evaporation of harmful substances by moisture, ventilation, and planting several in addition to conventional means of the good effects of harmful gases, plants, and hire professionals to remove harmful gases approach, the maximum ground after removal of the home improvement residues of harmful substances, to be the basic removal of these harmful substances before they should stay too late.

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