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Renovation contract hide and seek experts have warned that should not neglect the contents of the "balance due"

Year of the Dragon Chinese New Year approaching, the provincial capital of many owners of home renovation work has entered a tail of, but the owners of Mr. Zhang as decoration "balance due" hold back for a long time."If it is not anxious years ago moved into a new home, how also takes the other side to go downtown." Zhang said.


Owners: I am stuck on to pay the "balance due"

"My family has not decoration, but decoration companies now ask for the full balance due." Recently, the provincial capital of the public Mr. Chang calls for assistance, "the original contract, and I love no attention This is one of the delivery of the final payment on December 10, but now how I do not even think it is reasonable. "

According to reports, he signed a decoration company in the end of September this year, and renovation contracts, agreed to the eleven after the start, to be completed by the end of this year, for projects of $ 3.7 million. "Many are verbal, light in three payments, but did not expect to actually write the contract December 10 to pay the 'balance due'." Zhang said.

After many fruitless negotiations, anxious to move into the new home of Mr. Zhang helpless compromise. He claimed to be "very Biequ to pay the 'balance due'".

Lawyer: renovation contract sloppy

Similarly, in our "home improvement complaints platform," QQ group, was also to reflect the "balance due", and Mr. Zhang encountered very similar.

"Most of the first renovation of the property owners signed the renovation contract are not carefully study the terms of the contract can wait until the real problem it was too late, and ultimately had to pay the price for our negligence." The Hebei Houfeng Mei Lawyer Zhang Bin said, "One of the 'balance due' is precisely the owners of a relatively easy to overlook."

Bin reminder, in addition to attention to the contract sealed the signing of the contract, be sure to carefully study the specific terms and conditions, and to beware of home improvement company, omitting the project. At the same time, if it is contracting and materials, the use of the origin of the main material, DPM, brands and unit price contract, should also be specified in the contract.

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