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Teach you how to quickly pick out lamps

 The choice of lamps coup of the various lights in the use of their advantages and disadvantages, to fully understand the performance of the various lights is necessary. Lamp light source choice to focus on the psychological feelings, do not choose too much white, soft yellow light will make people feel very comfortable to stay at home, the color temperature to be unified.
   In accordance with the light division, normal life, the more common four lamps which are: incandescent, energy saving lamps, metal halide and LED lights (light emitting diode).


Energy-saving lamps

Energy-saving and popular, a 9-watt energy-saving lamp is equivalent to 40 watt incandescent. Energy saving lamp life is also more generally 8000-10000 hours. Energy-saving lamps of color was in the 80 or so, some products can reach more than 85, color was also relatively high. Energy-saving lamp illumination in the range between 2700K-6500K, energy-saving light yellow and white two light colors for selection. Most people psychologically feel warmer yellow, white cooler, now many five-star hotels like the yellow warm light, energy-saving lamps, also very effective. High quality energy saving light will use the real rare earth trichromatic phosphors, while ensuring long life, but also to maintain a high brightness. Normal use of energy-saving lamps for some time after, the lights will be dimmed, and the main because phosphor loss, technically known as the light fades. Some higher quality energy-saving lamps invented lit technology that allows the lamp to long to maintain the best working condition, 2000 hours, the light fades less than 10%


     The biggest drawback is that short life, the use of time in between 3000-4000 hours, some poor-quality incandescent only 1500 hours. However, incandescent color was high, up to 100, which means that you can fully display the objects true colors. Incandescent illumination between 2700K-2800K, the color is softer. According to the characteristics of the household incandescent lamps often used in the dining room, bedroom and other space, looks more comfortable color.




  其實是白熾燈的一種,壽命也不是很長,一般在3000-4000小時之間,不會超過6000小時。金屬鹵素燈的照度在 2700K- 3250K之間。這種燈可用於重點照明,比如為了凸顯牆上的裝飾畫,室內的擺件等,可以用冷光燈杯進行照射,這種白光可以根據不同的家裝風格進行變化,與時尚保持一致。


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