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Add:B27,Tianping Decorative Material Market,Tianpingjia,Guangzhou,China

TEL:(86)020-87646210/87748178 FAX:(86)020-87748235

Shop Add:The First Floor,NO.18 Tai Ping Sha,South of Benjing Road,Guangzhou,China

TEL:(86)020-83190951/83389819 FAX:(86)020-83190955


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  YOU BOOM DECORATIVE MATERIAL CO.,LTD From 1994 to the present, the years of investment in the development, multi-year sales of PVC, furniture and decorative Edge experience, and the introduction of sophisticated technology, the quality of foreign advanced equipment to expand production.

This company, imported PVC granules, specializing in the production of furniture, decorative articles, including: computer office dedicated a variety of shaped plastic side, the kitchen trim, plain and wood flat, PVC Edge with ...... on thousands of products , color, gold, silver, color, color composite, wood-grain composite and other over 500 kinds to choose from.

The Company, there are a lot of stock, customers can design any shape, any color Edge, quality assurance, and affordable, fast, landing time to provide customers with greater flexibility, convenience.

Over the years has been the strong support of our customers, our business continues to expand, to welcome new and old customers, vendors come to discuss the order, and cooperation to carry out new markets.